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Joining County Medical as a Practitioner

County Medical welcomes medical and clinical practitioners, who meet our criteria, to join us in our journey to provide the highest quality of care to its members.

We expect doctors who treat our patients to:

  • Be registered with the GMC with a license to practise
  • Be on the Specialist register
  • Be registered with, or exempt from registration, with the CQC
  • Hold a full-time contract with the NHS or have admitting privileges with a major private hospital
  • Have malpractice insurance
  • Have no restriction on their practice
  • Commit to work only within their area of expertise
  • Commit to charging for service according to our payment schedule

As a doctor you don’t need to register separately with us, provided you have practicing privileges at a private hospital that is registered with the CQC and follows the Medical Practitioner Assurance Program (MPAF). We may, on occasions, however, as part of our quality assurance program request evidence to this effect when a claim is being made.


Our Fees Schedule

These will only be paid against approved claims up to a maximum as below. If more than one procedure is carried out, we will pay the full amount for the large procedure and 50% for the second procedure. In such cases the cost must be agreed before the procedure is undertaken.

For Outpatient consultation:

Outpatient Visit Physician Surgeon
First £200 £150
Second £150 £100
Third £50 £50
Virtual £80 £80

For Procedures:

Category of Procedure Surgeon Fees Anaesthetist Fees
Minor 1 £240 £120
Moderate 2 £480 £240
Major 3 £600 £360
Major Plus 4 £780 £480
Complex Major £960 £600