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This table documents the comprehensive list of approved procedures for which the entire cost (less the excess specified in the policy) will be covered under a County Medical policy when the operation takes place within the hospital network. For patients who may need to look outside of the hospital network the maximum contribution towards the operation is provided.
Operation Area of Body Procedure Code Max Benefit Outside County Medical Network
Facet joint injection upto 4 levels Back A5760 £2,257.00
Cardiac bypass Heart K4100 £24,500.00
Metal On Metal Hip Resurfacing Arthroplasty (Do Not Confuse With Ineligible Minimally Invasive Hip Resurfacing W3718) Bones and joints W3715 £12,000.00
Primary Total Hip Replacement With Or Without Cement Bones and joints W3712 £11,071.00
Total Prosthetic Replacement Of Knee Joint, With Or Without Cement, +/- Patella Bones and joints W4210 £11,071.00
Hartmann’s Procedure Abdomen H3362 £9,287.00
Needle suspension bladder neck kidney/ bladder M5250 £8,750.00
Primary Total Shoulder Replacement (Bigliani-Flatow or Delta 3) Bones and joints W5000 £9,221.00
Patello femoral replacement Bones and joints W0632 £8,843.00
Nephroureterectomy – Unilateral kidney/ bladder M0220 £8,640.00
Unicompartmental Knee Replacement Bones and joints W5200 £8,430.00
Retropubic suspension of neck bladder kidney/ bladder M5220 £7,955.00
Retropubic suspension of neck bladder (redo) kidney/ bladder M5280 £7,855.00
Posterior excision lumbar disc incl microdiscectomy Back V2540 £8,059.00
Anterior/posterior colporraphy and vaginal hysterectomy Gynaecology P2380 £8,050.00
Oophorectomy And Salpingectomy (As Sole Procedure) (Including Bilateral) Gynaecology Q2230 £7,710.00
Open Sub-Acromial Decompression And Extensive, Greater Than 2Cm Tear Rotator Cuff Repair With Excision Of Distal Clavicle Bones and joints T7910 £7,460.00
Laparoscopic Upper Or Lower Pole Heminephrectomy kidney/ bladder M0380 £7488.00
De-Roofing And Aspiration Of Renal Para Pelvic Cyst kidney/ bladder M0412 £7,248.00
Revision Stabilisation Of Shoulder Joint Bones and joints W7780 £7472.00
Appendicectomy Abdomen H0210 £7060.00
Total Abdominal Hysterectomy (+/- Oophorectomy) Gynaecology Q0740 £6,959.00
Vaginal Hysterectomy (Including Laparoscopically Assisted) Gynaecology Q0800 £6860.00
Bilateral Multiple Forefoot Joint Procedures Bones and joints W0310 £7136.00
Bilateral Forefoot Arthroplasty Bones and joints W0310 £7,136.00
Anterior +/- Posterior Colporrhaphy (Including Primary Repair Of Enterocele) (Including Cystoscopy) Gynaecology P2310 £6,435.00
Endoscopic Resection Of Prostate (Tur) (Including Cystoscopy) Prostate M6530 £6,400.00
Transabdominal Anti-Reflux Operations Abdomen G2430 £6,998.00
Cholecystectomy (Including Mini-Cholecystectomy) Abdomen J1800 £6,638.00
Decompression of spinal stenosis lumbar region Back V2560 £6596.00
Weaver-Dunn Procedure (ACJ reconstruction) <70 or no comorbidity Bones and joints W5630 £6468.00
Tibial tubercle transfer <70 or no comorbidity Bones and joints W7580 £6,468.00
Autograft Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction Bones and joints W7420 £6,090.00
Secondary Repair Of Tendon (Including Graft, Transfer And/Or Prosthesis) (Not Otherwise Specified) Bones and joints T6800 £5,969.00
Excision Of Ectopic Bone Bones and joints W0700 £5969.00
Closed Reduction Of Fracture Of Long Bone, Including Cast Or Percutaneous K-Wires Bones and joints W2502 £5,969.00
Repair Of Knee Ligaments (Open Or Arthroscopic) Bones and joints W8400 £5969.00
Excision Of Bursa Bones and joints T6220 £5,716.00
Tenodesis Of Biceps Tendon (As Sole Procedure) Bones and joints T6450 £5716.00
Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy Abdomen J1830 £5901.00
Subtotal Abdominal Hysterectomy (+/- Oophorectomy) Gynaecology Q0750 £5,816.00
Closure Of Ileostomy (As Sole Procedure) Abdomen G7530 £5,576.00
Open Operations On Stomach Not Elsewhere Classified (Refer To Usual Fee Team) Abdomen G3800 £6,020.00
Tibial Osteotomy Bones and joints W1660 £5759.00
Arthroscopic Meniscal Repair Bones and joints W8230 £5,743.00
Mid or Hindfoot osteotomy with internal fixation <70 or no comorbidity Bones and joints W0462 £5,972.00
Trapeziectomy and ligament reconstruction<70 or no comorbidity Bones and joints W0284 £5,970.00
Revision Of Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction Bones and joints W7470 £6,329.00
Revision ileostomy Abdomen G7512 £5451.00
Revision Of Ileostomy – Laparotomy Abdomen G7513 £5,451.00
Percutaneous Nephrolithotomy (Including Cystoscopy And Retrograde Catheterisation) kidney/ bladder M0940 £5,975.00
Therapeutic ERCP (Including Insertion Of Biliary Or Pancreatic Prosthesis, Sphincterotomy And Stone Extraction) Abdomen J3900 £5375.00
Sacrospinous Fixation Gynaecology P2450 £5,375.00
Myomectomy (Including Laparoscopically) Gynaecology Q0920 £5,375.00
Diagnostic Endoscopic Examination Of Kidney (Including Biopsy) kidney/ bladder M1110 £5,359.00
Unilateral thyroidectomy Neck B0812 £5,268.00
Corrective osteotomy distal radius<70 or no comorbidity Bones and joints W1080 £4819.00
Laparoscopic Repair Of Hiatus Hernia With Anti-Reflux (Eg Fundoplication) Abdomen upper G2331 £5350.00
Parathyroidectomy Neck B1450 £4,990.00
Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy With Peri-Operative Cholangiogram Abdomen J1880 £4,990.00
Freeing Of Adhesions Of Peritoneum Abdomen T4130 £4,990.00
Multiple Procedures On Forefoot (Not To Be Used For Bunionectomy W7900) Bones and joints W0300 £4990.00
Repair Of Enterocele (+/- Posterior Repair Colporrhaphy) (As Sole Procedure) Gynaecology P2340 £4,750.00
Small Joint (Eg Interphalangeal / Metacarpo-Phalangeal Joint) Ligament Recontstruction Bones and joints W7485 £4,750.00
Stabilisation Of Unidirectional Instability Of Shoulder Joint, Including Anterior, Posterior And Arthroscopic Bones and joints W7712 £4,750.00
Arthroscopic Sub-Acromial Decompression And Excision Of Distal Clavicle (Including Arthroscopic Procedures In Glenohumeral Joint) Bones and joints W8194 £4,750.00
Therapeutic Arthroscopy Of Shoulder (As Sole Procedure) Bones and joints W8603 £4750.00
Therapeutic Arthroscopic Examination Of Hip Joint With Or Without Biopsy Bones and joints W8620 £4,750.00
Endoscopic Resection Of Lesion Of Bladder (Including Cystoscopy) kidney/ bladder M4210 £4,660.00
Rotator cuff repair Bones and joints T7990 £4,474.00
Laparoscopic Repair Of Inguinal Hernia – Bilateral Hernia T2012 £4,460.00
Primary Repair Of Inguinal Hernia – Bilateral Hernia T2010 £4460.00
Diagnostic bronchoscopy Chest E5180 £3,810.00
Endoscopic Fragmentation Of Calculus Of Kidney kidney/ bladder M0910 £4,375.00
Arthroscopic Sub-Acromial Decompression As Sole Procedure Bones and joints W8193 £3,978.00
Total thyroidectomy Neck B0830 £4,163.00
Holmium Laser Resection Of Prostate (Holrp) (Including Cystoscopy) Prostate M6532 £4,372.00
Ureteroscopic Extraction Of Calculus Of Ureter (Including Cystoscopy) kidney/ bladder M2730 £3,891.00
Posterior Colporrhaphy Gynaecology P2230 £3,888.00
Tension free urethropexy kidney/ bladder M7590 £4,121.00
Exploration Of Facial Nerve, Mastoid Segment, Facial Nerve Ears D1240 £4,359.00
Partial Excision Of Parotid Gland And Preservation Of Facial Nerve Face F4430 £4,359.00
Septorhinoplasty +/- Graft / Implant Following Trauma Or Excision Of Tumour Nose E0230 £4,119.00
Intra Abdominal Manipulation Of Colon ( Includes Reduction Of Intussusception ) Abdomen H1700 £4,119.00
Endoscopic Insertion Of Prosthesis Into Ureter kidney/ bladder M2920 £4,119.00
Early Open Reduction And Internal Fixation Of Scaphoid Fracture Ie Within 6 Weeks Of Fracture Bones and joints W3203 £4,119.00
Arthroscopic Arthrolysis Of Shoulder Contracture Bones and joints W7872 £4,119.00
Radiofrequency Ablation Of Varicose Veins (Vnus) Unilateral Veins L8540 £3,879.00
Metatarsal Osteotomy For Hallux Valgus, With Or Without Internal Fixation And Soft Tissue Correction Bones and joints W7910 £3,879.00
Open Sub-Acromial Decompression, As Sole Procedure Bones and joints W8192 £3,879.00
Therapeutic Arthroscopy Of Wrist Joint (Sole Procedure) Bones and joints W8602 £3,879.00
Ligation stripping varicose veins short or long (bilateral) Veins L8520 £4,060.00
SLAP Repair<70 or no comorbidity Bones and joints W7760 £4,014.00
Ankle Arthroscopy Bones and joints W8640 £4,014.00
Sacrocolpexy Gynaecology P2420 £4,000.00
Myringoplasty Ears D1420 £3,882.00
Combined Approach Tympanoplasty – Intact Canal Wall Tympanoplasty Ears D1440 £3,882.00
Arthroscopic Meniscectomy (Including Debridement) – Bilateral Bones and joints W8280 £4,468.00
Multiple Arthroscopic Operation On Knee (Including Meniscectomy, Chondroplasty, Drilling Or Microfracture) – Bilateral Bones and joints W8580 £4,468.00
Metatarsal Osteotomy For Hallux Valgus Bones and joints W7910 £3,860.00
Repair Of Recurrent Inguinal Hernia Hernia T2100 £3,605.00
Wide Local Excision Of Lesion Of Breast Breast B2820 £3,576.00
Debridement Of Wound (And Surgical Toilet) – Up To 25Cm2 In Area Skin S5710 £3,208.00
Perianal Excision Of Lesion Of Rectum (Including Sigmoidoscopy) Abdomen H4130 £3,387.00
Perineal repair prolapsed rectum Anal canal H4200 £3,521.00
Microwave endometrial ablation Gynaecology Q1702 £3,516.00
Excision Biopsy Of Breast Lesion After Localisation Breast B2880 £3,253.00
Repair Of Distal Biceps Tendon Bones and joints T6782 £3,487.00
Litholapaxy (Including Cystoscopy) kidney/ bladder M4410 £3,451.00
Laparoscopic Repair Of Incisional Hernia Hernia T2502 £3,445.00
Primary Repair Of Incisional Hernia Hernia T2500 £3,445.00
Repair Of Other Hernia Of Abdominal Wall – There Are Now New Ccsd Hernia Codes See Section 11.9 Of The Schedule. Hernia T2700 £3,175.00
Excision/Biopsy Of Breast Lump/Fibroadenoma Of Breast Breast B2800 £3,120.00
Septoplasty Of Nose Nose E0360 £3,120.00
Removal Of Internal Fixation From Bone/Joint, Excluding K-Wires Bones and joints W2830 £3,120.00
Excision Of Lesion Of Jaw Face V1440 £3,113.00
Therapeutic Endoscopic Operations On Uterus ( Including Endometrial Ablation Excluding Microwave Or Radiofrequency Ablation) Gynaecology Q1700 £3,243.00
Laparoscopy And Therapeutic Procedures Including Laser, Diathermy And Destruction E.G. For Endometriosis, Adhesiolysis, Tubal Surgery Gynaecology Q3800 £3,243.00
Laparoscopy (Including E.G. Puncture Of Ovarian Cysts +/- Biopsy, Minor Endometriosis) Gynaecology Q3900 £3,003.00
Laparoscopic Repair Of Recurrent Inguinal Hernia – Unilateral Hernia T2102 £3,003.00
Excision Distal Clavicle, As Sole Procedure Bones and joints W0890 £3,003.00
Operations For Recurrent Varicose Veins With Re-Exploration Of Groin And/Or Popliteal Fossa Veins L8530 £3,234.00
Excision Of Pilonidal Sinus And Suture/Skin Graft Anal canal H5940 £2,994.00
Endoscopic Examination Of Ureter (Including Cystoscopy) kidney/ bladder M3000 £2,994.00
Tenolysis, Of Extensor, Not Otherwise Specified Bones and joints T6910 £2,994.00
Ultrasound Guided Drainage Of Fluid Collection Radiology XR180 £2,994.00
Partial Excision Of Bone (Including Exostoses) Bones and joints W0850 £2,985.00
Ligation/Stripping Of Long Or Short Saphenous Vein (Incl. Local Excision/Multiple Phlebectomy) Veins L8510 £2,945.00
Internal Urethrotomy (Including Cystoscopy) kidney/ bladder M7940 £2,945.00
Tonsillectomy adult Throat F3440 £2,920.00
Repair Of Umbilical Hernia (Irrespective Of Age) Hernia T2400 £2920.00
Multiple Arthroscopic Operation On Knee (Including Meniscectomy, Chondroplasty, Drilling Or Microfracture) Bones and joints W8500 £2920.00
Intranasal Antrostomy Including Endoscopic(& Bilateral) Nose E1330 £2,910.00
Endovenous laser treatment long saphenous vein( bilateral) L8513 £3,110.00
Fess Uncinectomy, Ethmoidectomy, Antrostomy Or Antral Puncture Inc Polypectomy And Attention To Turbinates Etc Nose E1432 £3,066.00
Excision epididymal cyst Male genitalia N1580 £2,820.00
Cone biopsy cevix Gynaecology Q0330 £2,820.00
Arthroscopic Meniscectomy (Including Debridement) Bones and joints W8200 £2,820.00
Open Surgical Stabilisation Of Patella, Including Application Of Cast (Adult) Bones and joints W7580 £2,737.00
Amputation of Toe Bones and joints X1110 £2,722.00
Dilatation of outlet femal bladder Endoscopic incision of outlet male bladder kidney/ bladder M5820 £2,310.00
Haemorrhoidectomy (Including Sigmoidoscopy) Anal canal H5100 £2,660.00
Circular Stapling Haemorrhoidectomy Anal canal H5250 £2,660.00
Extracorporeal Fragmentation Of Calculus Of Kidney (Lithotripsy) kidney/ bladder M1400 £2,636.00
Excision Of Lesion Of Testis Male genitalia N0700 £2,636.00
Laparoscopic Repair Of Inguinal Hernia – Unilateral Hernia T2002 £2,636.00
Secondary Repair Or Reconstruction Of Extensor Of Hand/Forearm Bones and joints T6820 £2,636.00
Capsule endoscopy Abdomen G8080 £2,246.00
Mucosal Graft To Conjunctiva Eyes C4010 £2,582.00
Myringotomy And Insertion Of Tube Through Tympanic Membrane ( And Bilateral ) Ears D1510 £2,520.00
Total Reconstruction Of Eyelid – Unilateral Eyes C1700 £2,659.00
Laying Open Of High Anal Fistula (Including Sigmoidoscopy) Anal canal H5520 £2,659.00
Adenotonsillectomy (And Bilateral) Throat F3480 £2,419.00
Insertion Of Tunnelled Central Venous Catheter (Hickman Line) Veins L9110 £2,419.00
Tendon Graft, As Sole Procedure (Not Otherwise Specified) Bones and joints T6580 £2,419.00
Operations On Branchial Cyst Neck T9400 £2,419.00
Closed Reduction Of Dislocated Hip Prosthesis Bones and joints W6600 £2,419.00
Primary Closed Reduction Of Fracture Or Dislocation Of Joint, With Or Without Fixation Including Cast Application Bones and joints W6630 £2,419.00
Therapeutic gastroscopy Abdomen G4430 £2,059.00
Diagnostic Laparoscopy (Including Any Biopsy) Abdomen J0900 £2,410.00
Surgical Release Of Humeral Epicondylitis (Lateral Or Medial) (Eg Tennis Elbow) Bones and joints T8050 £2364.00
Open Biopsy Of Muscle Or Soft Tissue Lesion Bones and joints T8100 £2,364.00
Manipulation Under Anaesthesia Of Fractured Nose As Sole Procedure Nose W2620 £2,364.00
Drainage Of Large Subcutaneous Abscess/Haematoma Skin S4740 £2,356.00
Primary Repair Of Inguinal Hernia Hernia T2000 £2,339.00
Excision lesion vagina Gynaecology P2000 £2,336.00
Release of ulna nerve Elbow A6810 £2,293.00
Manipulation Of Joint (Including Intra-Articular Injection) For Frozen Shoulder (As Sole Procedure) Bones and joints W9112 £2,274.00
Drainage Through Perineal Region (Including Ischio-Rectal Abscess) Anal canal H5800 £1,886.00
Cauterisation Of Lesion Of Cervix Uteri (+/- Loop Diathermy, Colposcopy Or Polypectomy) Gynaecology Q0230 £1,880.00
Carpal Tunnel Release, Including Endoscopic – Bilateral Wrist A6580 £2,235.00
Adenoidectomy Throat E2010 £2,230.00
Hysteroscopy Including Biopsy, Dilatation, Curettage And Polypectomy With/Without Mirena Coil Insertion Gynaecology Q1800 £2,220.00
Sentinel Node Mapping With Blue Dye And Radioactive Probe For Breast Cancer Breast T9020 £1,817.00
Endoscopic Destruction Of Lesion Of Bladder (Including Cystoscopy) kidney/ bladder M4230 £2,118.00
Repair Of Prolapsed Iris Eyes C6410 £2,116.00
Local Excision/Multiple Phlebectomy Of Varicose Vein(S) Of Leg Refer Veins L8750 £2,116.00
Local Excision (Multiple Phlebectomy) Of Varicose Vein(S) Of Leg Veins L8751 £2,116.00
Cubital Tunnel Release Including Endoscopic (Without Transposition) Wrist A6710 £2,108.00
Microlaryngoscopy/ Laryngoscopy Of Larynx +/- Endoscopic Excision Of Lesion Of Larynx Throat E3520 £2,108.00
Endoscopic Retrograde Pyelography (Including Cystoscopy) kidney/ bladder M3010 £2,108.00
Correction Of Hydrocele Male genitalia N1100 £2,108.00
Hysteroscopy With Resection Of Fibroid Gynaecology Q1802 £2,108.00
Excision Of Lesion Of Skin Or Subcutaneous Tissue – Four Or More, Trunk And Limbs Skin S0643 £2,108.00
Laying Open Of Low Anal Fistula (Including Sigmoidoscopy) Anal canal H5510 £1,748.00
Removal Of Lens Implant Eyes C7530 £2,107.00
Percutaneous Biopsy Of Lesion Of Liver Abdomen J1300 £1,719.00
Therapeutic Oesophago-Gastro- Duodenoscopy (Ogd) With Insertion Of Prosthesis, Therapy For Acutely Bleeding Ulcer Or Banding Of Varices Abdomen G4410 £1,710.00
Excision Of Ganglion Bones and joints T5900 £2,049.00
Carpal Tunnel Release, Including Endoscopic Wrist A6510 £2,019.00
Release Of Constriction Of Sheath Of Tendon (Eg Trigger Finger) Bones and joints T7230 £2,019.00
Therapeutic Colonoscopy With Snare Loop Biopsy Or Excision Of Lesion Abdomen H2003 £2,000.00
Diagnostic Colonoscopy, Includes Forceps Biopsy Of Colon And Ileum Abdomen H2002 £2,000.00
Diagnostic Oesophago-Gastro- Duodenoscopy (Ogd) Includes Forceps Biopsy, Biopsy Urease Test And Dye Spray (This Includes Local Anaesthetic – No Extra Charge Payable Abdomen G6500 £1,639.00
Diagnostic Endoscopic Examination Of Bladder (Including Any Biopsy) kidney/ bladder M4510 £1,620.00
Diagnostic Flexible Sigmoidoscopy, Includes Forceps Biopsy Abdomen H2502 £1,610.00
Excision Of Anal Fissure Anal canal H5640 £1,584.00
Removal Of Prosthesis From Ureter (Including Cystoscopy) kidney/ bladder M2930 £1,583.00
Therapeutic Oesophago-Gastro Duodenoscopy (Ogd) With Insertion Of Percutaneous Endoscopic Gastrostomy/ Percutaneous Endoscopic Jejunostomy Abdomen G4440 £1,560.00
Wedge Excision Or Avulsion Of Nail Including Chemical Ablation Of Nail Bed Toe S7010 £1,560.00
Therapeutic Local Anaesthetic/Aspiration Of Joint Under Imaging Control Bones and joints W9016 £1,520.00
Therapeutic flexible sigmoidoscopy Abdomen H2503 £1,500.00
Excision Of Lesion Of Pinna Ears D0210 £1,820.00
Circumcision Male genitalia N3030 £1,820.00
Marsupialisation Of Bartholin Cyst Gynaecology P0320 £1,820.00
Excision Of Preauricular Sinus Ears D0140 £1,460.00
Reduction Turbinates Of Nose (Laser, Diathermy, Out Fracture Etc) Nose E0412 £1,460.00
Lateral Sphincterotomy Of Anus Anal canal H5620 £1,460.00
Excision Of Lesion Of Vulva Gynaecology P0600 £1,460.00
Subcutaneous Tenotomy Bones and joints T7010 £1,460.00
Simple Intra-Muscular Injection, Without X-Ray Control (As Sole Procedure) Bones and joints X3760 £1,460.00
Therapeutic Local Anaesthetic/Aspiration – Large Joint – Single Bones and joints W9012 £1,448.00
Cataract unilateral Eyes C7122 £1,800.00
Excision Of Nail Bed (Zadek’S) Toe S6400 £1,421.00
Dilatation Of Cervix Uteri And Curettage Of Retained Products Of Conception Following Spontaneous Abortion. Gynaecology Q1010 £1,385.00
External Cardioversion Heart X5020 £1,740.00
Anorectal Stretch Anal canal H5400 £1,258.00
Removal Of Grommets Ears D2030 £1,250.00
Therapeutic Endoscopic Operation On Pharynx Throat E2400 £1,243.00
Frenotomy/Frenectomy Of Tongue Throat F2620 £1,243.00
Excision Of Pterygium Eyes C3960 £1,218.00
Laser Photocoagulation/Cryother Of Lesion Of Retina Eyes C8200 £1,550.00
Laser Trabeculoplasty Eyes C6110 £1,190.00
Ultrasound Guided Haemorrhoidal Artery Ligation (Known As Halo Or Hal) Anal canal L7032 £1,492.00
Core Biopsy Of Lesion Of Breast Breast B3220 £1,132.00
Puncto-Canaliculoplasty Eyes C2910 £1,132.00
Laser Iridotomy Eyes C6230 £1,132.00
Fecal disimpaction Anal canal H4420 £1,132.00
Secondary Suture Of Skin Skin S4230 £1,132.00
Drainage Of Lesion Of Skin, Including Abscess Skin S4720 £1,132.00
Removal Of Percutaneous Wire Bones and joints W3530 £1,132.00
Myringotomy (And Bilateral) Ears D1530 £1,126.00
Excision Of Lesion Of Anus Anal canal H4800 £1,126.00
Operations On Female Perineum Gynaecology P1300 £1,126.00
Incision Of Introitus Of Vagina Gynaecology P1400 £1,126.00
Image-Guided Injection(S) Into Joint(S) Bones and joints W9030 £1,126.00
Botulinus Toxin Injections To Muscle Bones and joints X3750 £1,126.00
Intramuscular Injections With X-Ray Control (Eg Piriformis Block) Bones and joints X3770 £1,066.00
Excision Of Lesion Of Skin Or Subcutaneous Tissue – Up To Three, Head And Neck Skin S0632 £1,043.00
Rigid Sigmoidoscopy Including Proctoscopy And Biopsy Abdomen H2510 £1,020.00
Bladder Instillation Of Pharmacologic Agent (Including Cystoscopy) kidney/ bladder M4712 £993.00
Biopsy Of Lesion Of Eyelid Eyes C2220 £920.00
Yag Laser Photodisruption Of Posterior Capsule Of Lens ( Including Laser Capsulotomy ) Eyes C7340 £920.00
Fluorescein Angiography Of Eye (Including Ocular Photography) Eyes C8650 £920.00
Suction Clearance Of Middle Ear (As Sole Procedure) Ears D1520 £920.00
Nasal Septum Cauterisation (& Bilateral) Nose E0380 £920.00
Prostate needle biopsy Prostate M7020 £920.00
Dilatation Of Cervix Uteri And Curettage Of Uterus, Including Polypectomy And Diathermy Of Cervix Gynaecology Q1030 £920.00
Excision Of Lesion Of Skin Or Subcutaneous Tissue – Up To Three, Trunk And Limbs Skin S0633 £920.00
Introduction Of Substance Into Skin (Including Hormone Pellet) Skin S5300 £920.00
Injection(S) Into Joint(S) Without X-Ray Control Bones and joints W9040 £920.00
Orbital Injection Eyes C0840 £878.00
Curettage/Cryotherapy Of Lesion Of Eyelid Eyes C1230 £878.00
Surgical Correction Of Trichiasis/Upper Lid Entropion, Including Graft/Flap Eyes C1540 £878.00
Exploration Of Conjunctiva (Including Removal Of Foreign Body) Eyes C4350 £878.00
Removal Of Corneal Suture Eyes C4730 £878.00
Urodynamic Studies/Urodynamic Assessment kidney/ bladder M4780 £872.00
Ocular Photography (As Sole Procedure) Eyes C8652 £810.00
Introduction Of A Mirena Coil – Not To Be Used For Contraceptive Coil Gynaecology Q1280 £785.00
Aspiration Of Subcutaneous Haematoma Skin S4780 £785.00
Biopsy Of Skin Or Subcutaneous Tissue Skin S1500 £776.00
Oophorectomy and salpingectomy Gynaecology Q2020 £1,310.00
Excision Of Lesion Of Eyelid Eyes C1210 £710.00
Colposcopy Gynaecology P2730 £710.00
Shave Biopsy Of Lesion Of Skin S1420 £710.00
Fine Needle Aspiration Cytology Skin S4760 £710.00
Probing Of Nasolacrimal System With/Without Syringing And/ Or Irrigation Eyes C2650 £651.00
Endoscopic Laryngo-Pharyngoscopy As Sole Out-Patient Procedure – For In Patient Or Day Case Use E2500 (Includes +/- Stroboscopy) Throat E3680 £651.00
Aural Toilet – Including Microsuction Ears D0702 £640.00
Diagnostic Endoscopy Of Sinus (As Sole Procedure) Nose E1780 £542.00
Banding Of Haemorrhoids Anal canal H5240 £542.00
Injection Of Sclerosing Substance Into Haemorrhoid Anal canal H5230 £542.00
Unilateral Varicose Vein Injection Sclerotherapy Veins L8600 £542.00
Injection Into Subcutaneous Tissue/Painful Trigger Point (Including Local Anaesthetic And Steroid) Skin S5210 £539.00
Change Of Cast Without General Anaesthetic Bones and joints X4810 £521.00
Cast change in theatre Bones and joints X4810 £521.00
Excision of Mortons Neuroma <70 or no comorbidity Foot A6110 £2,829.40
Adrenalectomy unilateral Endocrine B2233 £3,521.00
Drainage Of Breast Abscess Including Haematoma And Seroma Breast B3310 £1,479.80
Microdochotomy Breast B3440 £2,419.20
Operation on duct nipples Breast B3590 £2,419.20
Excision lesion canthus Eyes C1110 £2,434.60
Correction Of Lower Lid Ectropion With Graft/Flap Eyes C1513 £1,703.80
Correction Of Trichiasis By Electrolysis/ Diathermy/Cryotherapy/ Laser Eyes C1532 £1,023.40
Correction ptosis Eyes C1810 £3,658.20
Correction Of Ptosis Of Eyelid – Complex Eyes C1812 £3,102.40
Dacryocysto-Rhinostomy, Including Insertion Of Tube Eyes C2540 £3,725.40
Squint surgery Eyes C3113 £3,683.40
Corneal lesion excision Eyes C4520 £1,691.20
Glucoma Eyes C6010 £3,521.00
Cataract bilateral Eyes C7125 £3,521.00
Anterior vitrectomy Eyes C7910 £3,521.00
Excision lesion of external nose Nose E0910 £1,691.20
Diagnostic endoscopy of pharynx Throat E2500 £1,691.20
Tracheostomy Throat E4210 £2,419.20
Therapeutic bronchoscopy Chest E4800 £1,691.20
Needle biopsy pleura/ lung Chest E5910 £1,691.20
Tonsillectomy – Child (Including Bilateral) Up To & Including Age 12 Throat F3400 £2,744.00
Total parotidectomy Face F4410 £5,803.00
Excision submandibular gland Neck F4440 £3,444.00
Biopsy salivary gland Face F4810 £1,691.20
Oesophagocardiomyotomy (Hellers) Throat G0920 £3,521.00
Revision anti reflux surgery ( Redo) Abdomen G2590 £8,043.00
Gastro jejunostomy Abdomen G3210 £3521.00
Pyloroplasty Abdomen G4030 £3,521.00
Open excision lesion duodenum Abdomen G5000 £5,803.00
Resection small bowel Abdomen G5810 £3521.00
Lap assisted resection of small bowel Abdomen G6080 £3521.00
Open Formation Of Ileostomy Abdomen G7402 £5742.80
Open operation on ileum Abdomen G7810 £6300.00
Drainage abscess appendix Abdomen H0310 £3,521.00
Extended Excision Of Right Hemicolon Abdomen H0610 £12275.20
Right hemicolectomy Abdomen H0700 £6384.00
Left hemicolectomy Abdomen H0900 £6384.00
Sigmoid colectomy Abdomen H1000 £6384.00
Closure Of Colostomy Abdomen H1542 £7,000.00
Open Formation Of Colostomy Abdomen H1590 £8,218.00
Open excision lesion colon or rectum Abdomen H3400 £3521.00
Laparoscopic rectopexy Abdomen H3580 £4,839.80
Fixation Of Rectum For Prolapse Abdomen H3500 £5,111.40
Examination Of Rectum Under Anaesthetic (As Sole Procedure) Anal canal H4430 £1,930.60
Repair Of Faecal Fistula Anal canal H4680 £2,424.80
Repair anal sphincter Anal canal H5020 £3,521.00
Cholecytectomy with exploration common bile duct Abdomen J1820 £6,384.00
Diagnostic ERCP (Includes Forceps Biopsy) Abdomen J4300 £5,698.00
Splenectomy open/ laparoscopic Abdomen J6900 £3,521.00
Cardiac angioplasty Heart K4900 £7,000.00
Cardiac angiogram Heart K6590 £2,800.00
Operation for recurrent varicose veins including groin exploration (bilateral) Veins L8580 £4,253.20
Endovenous laser treatment long saphenous vein (unilateral) Veins L8512 £3,176.60
Bilateral varicose vein injection sclerotherapy Veins L8680 £1,691.20
Ligation/ stripping of long and short saphenous vein (unilateral) Veins L8700 £3,521.00
Ligation/Stripping of long and short saphenous vein (bilateral) Veins L8780 £3,521.00
Nephrectomy unilateral kidney/ bladder M0250 £3,521.00
Laparoscopic Nephrectomy kidney/ bladder M0280 £8,155.00
Partial excision kidney kidney/ bladder M0300 £3,521.00
Open pyeloplasty kidney/ bladder M0510 £3,521.00
Open removal of calculus kidney kidney/ bladder M0610 £3,521.00
Drainage pyonephrosis kidney/ bladder M0680 £2,419.20
Open biopsy kidney kidney/ bladder M0814 £3,521.00
Open drainage perinephric abscess kidney/ bladder M0880 £3,521.00
Laparoscopic pyeloplasty kidney/ bladder M1080 £8,320.20
Therapeutic endoscopic operation on kidney kidney/ bladder M1000 £4,498.20
Percutaneous insertion of nephrostomy tube kidney/ bladder M1360 £2,419.20
Percutaneous needle biopsy lesion kidney kidney/ bladder M1310 £1,691.20
Open Ureterolithotomy kidney/ bladder M2310 £3,521.00
Excision ureterocoel bilateral kidney/ bladder M2511 £6,384.00
Ureterolysis – Bilateral kidney/ bladder M2580 £9,114.00
Excision ureterocoel unilateral kidney/ bladder M2510 £3,521.00
Ureterolysis – Unilateral kidney/ bladder M2530 £7,798.00
Endoscopic antireflux procedure bilateral kidney/ bladder M2981 £2,419.20
Extra corporeal lithotripsy ureteric calculus kidney/ bladder M3110 £3,521.00
Operation ureteric orifice endoscopic kidney/ bladder M3202 £2,419.20
Diverticulum bladder kidney/ bladder M3510 £3,521.00
Repair bladder kidney/ bladder M3700 £3,521.00
Repair cutaneous vesical fistula kidney/ bladder M3780 £2,419.20
Insertion supra pubic catheter kidney/ bladder M3820 £2,419.20
Stab cystostomy kidney/ bladder M3880 £1,691.20
Open removal calculus bladder kidney/ bladder M3900 £2,419.20
Open excision lesion from bladder kidney/ bladder M4110 £3,521.00
Endoscopic hydrostatic distension bladder kidney/ bladder M4320 £1,920.80
Sphincterotomy kidney/ bladder M4400 £2,419.20
Endoscopic extraction calculus bladder kidney/ bladder M4420 £2,419.20
Endoscopic removal foreign body bladder kidney/ bladder M4430 £2,419.20
Resection Of Bladder Neck (Including Cystoscopy) kidney/ bladder M4480 £3,238.20
Closure cystostomy kidney/ bladder M4910 £2,419.20
Combined abdominal and vaginal operation to support outlet of female bladder (redo) kidney/ bladder M5180 £6,384.00
Combined Abdominal And Vaginal Operations To Support Outlet Of Female Bladder (Including Sling Procedures) (Including Cystoscopy) kidney/ bladder M5100 £4,095.00
Vaginal operation to support outlet female bladder kidney/ bladder M5300 £4,685.80
Implantation of artificial urinary sphincter at bladder neck and or removal kidney/ bladder M5520 £3,521.00
Excision urethral caruncle kidney/ bladder M5580 £1,691.20
Therapeutic injection bladder neck for stress incontinence kidney/ bladder M5630 £2,500.40
Therapeutic endoscopic operation on outlet of female bladder kidney/ bladder M5600 £2,454.20
Open excision prostatic adenoma Prostate M6100 £3,521.00
Endoscopic biopsy prostate Prostate M6580 £3,521.00
Drainage prostatic abscess Prostate M6730 £2,419.20
Urethral catherisation insertion stent kidney/ bladder M7080 £3,521.00
Urethral valve resection kidney/ bladder M7280 £4,102.00
Simple urethroplasty kidney/ bladder M7360 £4,102.00
Excision diverticulum urethra kidney/ bladder M7500 £2,419.20
Removal foreign body urethra kidney/ bladder M7620 £1,691.20
Dilatation urethra kidney/ bladder M7920 £1,691.20
Meatoplasty Male genitalia M8120 £2,419.20
Meatotomy urethral orifice Male genitalia M8130 £1,691.20
Bilateral excision of testes Male genitalia N0500 £4,102.00
Orchidopexy bilateral Male genitalia N0820 £4,102.00
Abdominal undescended testis Male genitalia N0930 £4,102.00
Orchidpexy unilateral Male genitalia N0920 £1,691.20
Prostheis testis Male genitalia N1000 £2,419.20
Biopsy testis Male genitalia N1340 £2,419.20
Exploration testis Male genitalia N1350 £2419.20
Laparoscopy for impalpable testis Male genitalia N1352 £2,419.20
Surgery for varicocele Male genitalia N1900 £2,419.20
Excision lesion penis Male genitalia N2710 £2,419.20
Operation Peyronie’s disease Male genitalia N2780 £2,419.20
Frenuloplasty Male genitalia N2842 £1,691.20
Preputioplasty Male genitalia N3010 £2,419.20
Biopsy Of Lesion Of Penis Male genitalia N3210 £1,475.60
Excision Bartholin gland Gynaecology P0310 £2,419.20
Excession excessive tissue labia Gynaecology P0550 £2,419.20
Excision septum of vagina Gynaecology P1920 £2,419.20
Reconstruction vagina Gynaecology P2100 £6,384.00
Anterior/posterior colporraphy and amputation cervix Gynaecology P2210 £4,102.00
Amputation cervix uteri Gynaecology Q0100 £2,419.20
Laser destruction of cervix uteri Gynaecology Q0220 £1,691.20
Punch biopsy cervix Gynaecology Q0340 £1,691.20
Ventro suspension of uterus Gynaecology Q2080 £2,419.20
Removal of products of conception from fallopian tube (ectopic pregnancy) Gynaecology Q3110 £4,102.00
Ovarian cystectomy Gynaecology Q4400 £5,041.40
Repair recurrent inguinal hernia bilateral (Lap or open) Hernia T2112 £4,102.00
Primary femoral hernia repair unilateral Hernia T2210 £2,471.00
Repair recurrent femoral hernia Hernia T2300 £2,471.00
Open adhesiolysis Abdomen T4302 £4,102.00
Laparoscopic adhesiolysis Abdomen T4300 £4,692.80
Paracentesis abdomen for ascities Abdomen T4610 £1,691.20
Dupuytren’s fasciectomy – multiple digits Hand T5210 £4,102.00
Dupuytren’s fasciectomy – single digit Hand T5203 £2,507.40
Achilles Tendon Repair <70 or no comorbidity Bones and joints T6780 £3,192.00
Achilles Tendon Repair -Secondary <70 or no comorbidity Bones and joints T6810 £4,208.40
Excision biopsy lymph node – axilla cervical or groin Lymph nodes T8700 £3,556.00
Excision cystic hygroma Face T9610 £4,102.00
Bilateral 1st MTP Fusion Bones and joints W0380 £6,965.00
1st Metatarsophalangeal Joint Fusion Bones and joints W0330 £3,278.80
Triple Fusion <70 or no comorbidity Bones and joints W0422 £4,102.00
Subtalar Fusion <70 or no comorbidity Bones and joints W0432 £4,683.00
Silastic arthroplasty MCPJ or PIPJ – multiple Bones and joints W0513 £4,683.00
Prosthetic surface arthroplasty – PIPJ or MCPJ single Bones and joints W0514 £4,683.00
Cheilectomy <70 or no comorbidity Bones and joints W0860 £4,683.00
Metatarsal Osteotomy (weil) Bones and joints W1040 £2,997.40
Scaphoid fixation and graft Bones and joints W3202 £3,521.00
Total Ankle Replacement Bones and joints W4410 £6,965.00
Shoulder Hemiarthroplasty, As Sole Procedure Bones and joints W4900 £8,570.80
Total elbow replacement for trauma (Coonrad-Morrey) Bones and joints W5510 £6965.00
OK Procedure <70 or no comorbidity Bones and joints W5560 £4683.00
Multiple Fusions of Interphalangeal joints of Toes Bones and joints W5980 £4,683.00
Fusion of Interphalangeal joint of Toe Bones and joints W5940 £2,702.00
Ankle Fusion <70 or no comorbidity Bones and joints W6015 £2,471.00
Full wrist fusion<70 or no comorbidity Bones and joints W6200 £3,521.00
Partial wrist fusion<70 or no comorbidity Bones and joints W6202 £3,521.00
Submucular transposition of Ulna nerve at elbow >70 or with comorbidity Bones and joints W6830 £2,471.00
Submucular transposition of Ulna nerve at elbow no comorbidity Bones and joints W6830 £2,471.00
Scapholunate reconstruction Bones and joints W7482 £4,641.00
Reconstruction of Lateral ligament of ankle Bones and joints W7430 £5,254.20
Bilateral Scarf & Akin Osteotomy Bones and joints W7980+ £5,584.60
Examination/Manipulation Of Joint Under Anaesthetic +/- Injection (As Sole Procedure) Bones and joints W9240 £3,175.20
Injection under anaesthesia etc Bones and joints X2380 £1,691.20
MUA joint Bones and joints X2380 £1,691.20