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Optional Cancer Benefits – When we will cover you for cancer.

This coverage only applies if you have chosen to add this coverage to your policy and it is shown on your policy certificate.

Should you be diagnosed with cancer then this policy will pay a cash benefit of £21,000. If you have used tobacco or nicotine replacement products within 36 months of a diagnosis for cancer then the above benefits will be reduced by 50%. This benefit is paid only once during the lifetime of a policy. The following cancers are not covered under this policy;
  • Latent cancers.
  • Carcinoma in situ.
  • Non-melanotic skin cancer – unless there is evidence of distal spread.
  • Recurrent cancers.
  • Second or subsequent primary cancer.
  • Prostate cancer unless the disease has spread beyond the prostate gland and requires treatment other than a local endoscopic resection.

Cancer Coverage Definitions

Cancer A malignant tumour, tissues or cells, characterised by the uncontrolled growth and spread of malignant cells and invasion of tissue.
Carcinoma in Situ Is a cancer in which the cancerous growth or tumour is still confined to the site from which it started, and has not spread to or invaded surrounding tissue or other organs in the body.
Latent cancers Cancers, which are believed to have remained localized and asymptomatic for a long period; for example, a small carcinoma of the prostate in older men, often found incidentally by a biopsy.
Major Surgery An operation upon an organ within the cranium, chest, abdomen, or pelvic cavity or involving removal of the breast.
Recurrent Cancer Cancer that has recurred (returned), usually after a period of time during which the cancer could not be detected. The cancer may come back to the same place as the original (primary) tumour or to another place in the body.
Second or subsequent primary cancer A cancer which occurs in someone who has had a previous cancer and which is not connected to the original tumour.